Why MIM Event Broker?

MIM Event Broker™

Meet your business targets with MIM Event Broker.

Microsoft® Identity Manager (MIM) is a stable, declarative, policy-based identity management system. The synchronization state engine ensures that with every run profile cycle you are closer to a state of convergence with your policies and rules. Now with support for Microsoft Azure Active Directory Connect!

Meet your business’ target SLAs

Your business is already benefiting from the consistency of identity information through your enterprise. MIM Event Broker allows you to target service level agreements for common use cases:

  • Provisioning new identities
  • Synchronization of changes
  • Deprovisioning upon termination
  • Availability of new or changed entitlements
  • Updating of Global Address Lists

MIM Event Broker makes meeting SLAs for these use cases, and many more, a simple task. Even in extremely large scale implementations, MIM Event Broker is able to reduce the flow of changed identity life cycles down to seconds, rather than hours.

Audit sequence of events

MIM synchronization will generally occur in an entirely unpredictable manner, and any scheduled script can only ever hope to approximate the most rudimentary of scenarios that really need to be covered. MIM Event Broker eliminates the need to predict what run profiles can happen and in what order, by simply ensuring that synchronization occurs only as and when required. Logs provide an audit of what changed, when, and the sequence that changes flowed to the different systems that form your MIM identity management solution.

Real-time compliance

Many jurisdictions have compliance regulations, such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act within the United States. With MIM Event Broker’s real-time model, you can ensure you are never in violation of these requirements.

MIM Event Broker includes a notification model that can make your solution genuinely real-time. Applications such as the MIM Portal can notify MIM Event Broker of important events and immediately trigger a particular set of tasks. Additionally, the frequency of change detection events and synchronization operations can all be fully managed using MIM Event Broker’s powerful scheduler, enabling administrators to tailor their identity management solution to fully meet and address the business and environmental needs of the organization. Protracted turnaround times typical of many identity management solutions can be virtually eliminated, allowing for provisioning, deprovisioning or maintenance of identities to occur in a matter of seconds.

Support for Microsoft Azure Active Directory Connect

Just recently announced is support for Microsoft Azure Active Directory Connect. This, along with access to MIM from Microsoft Azure AD Premium you can streamline the bridging of your on-premise identities to Office 365 and Azure AD.