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Fully automated operations for Microsoft® Identity Manager (MIM) 2016, Forefront® Identity Manager (FIM) 2010 and 2010 R2

Realize your investment by unlocking the capabilities of MIM. This one tool integrates MIM into one product and solves many operational inefficiencies. Whether you are a MIM customer or systems integrator implementing a MIM solution, you can now tick the following boxes.

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Live dashboard for MIM operations

MIM Event Broker™ 3.2 further improves the web-based interface for monitoring and making changes to your MIM Event Broker solution. System administrators can easily monitor in a single screen which tasks are currently running and when others are expected to run. Important events such as task failures and loss of connectivity to external systems are also displayed.

Log and trace the sequence of events

MIM synchronization will generally occur in an entirely unpredictable manner, and any scheduled script can only ever hope to approximate the most rudimentary of scenarios that really need to be covered. MIM Event Broker eliminates the need to predict what run profiles can happen and in what order, by simply ensuring that synchronization occurs only as and when required.

Real-time compliance

MIM Event Broker includes a notification model that can make your solution genuinely real-time. Applications such as the MIM Portal can notify MIM Event Broker of important events and immediately trigger a particular set of tasks. Additionally, the frequency of change detection events and synchronisation operations can all be fully managed using MIM Event Broker's powerful scheduler, enabling administrators to tailor their identity management solution to fully meet and address the business and environmental needs of the organisation. Protracted turnaround times typical of many identity management solutions can be virtually eliminated, allowing for provisioning, deprovisioning or maintenance of identities to occur in a matter of seconds.

Immediate response to environmental changes in MIM or the source

MIM Event Broker makes your MIM solution event-aware. For example:

  • If a change occurs within the synchronisation engine such that an update to a connected directory/store is pending, it initiates the relevant run profile immediately rather than having the synchronisation engine sit idle until the next scheduled run as per a non-MIM Event Broker design
  • If a change occurs which is external to the synchronisation engine in a connected directory, MIM Event Broker will initiate the relevant run profile at the time of change

One stop shop for set-and-forget synchronization

MIM Event Broker has an intuitive configuration interface that simplifies and streamlines the management and design of a MIM solution. Jobs, known as “Operation Lists”, are configured as a series of tasks, known as “Operations”.

Operation Lists can be invoked either:

  • in response to a change event in a connected source (incoming)
  • in response to a pending export from the synchronization engine (outgoing), or
  • on a schedule

Most MIM-based Identity Management solutions evolve to include a variety of tasks and processes, and in the MIM Event Broker architecture these are expressed as Operations within Operation Lists. Operations can be chained in a simple sequence, or to intelligently “branch” based on the result of a preceding Operation.

A MIM Event Broker Operation can be:

  • any standard MIM run profile
  • any one of a packaged set of plugins, such as a task to archive the run history or execute a SQL script

No more scripts and lock-in to script writers

By virtue of its intuitive management console, MIM Event Broker ensures a consistent paradigm for configuring and managing all operational activity for any MIM environment. Changes to configuration can be made at any time by administrators without relying on third-party vendors.

No more waiting for synchronization and policy changes

MIM Event Broker is a perfect fit for your MIM solution, enabling the MIM Portal and Synchronization Engine to work together like never before. Data and synchronization rule changes made in the MIM Portal are now able to be instantly imported and processed through MIM Event Broker's real-time capabilities. This means that operators are able to spend more time focusing on data and design issues than on manually processing the effects of these changes. Importantly, this means no more of those annoying interruptions to your solution demonstrations just to manually kick off MIM synchronization operations!

MIM Event Broker also completes the additional processing required following solution changes made via the MIM Portal and the Synchronization Service, instigating the required data levelling through import and export operations to target systems without human intervention.

Ensure the ongoing integrity of the MIM solution

MIM Event Broker includes a feature called "Exclusion Groups" which allow MIM architects to mitigate the likelihood of MIM database records locking due to simultaneous synchronization activity. This means that your identity management solution can be fully optimized without compromising your business rules or time constraints. This feature makes any MIM solution more robust than ever before when driven by MIM Event Broker.

MIM Event Broker also enables users to perform regular baselining and maintenance operations in MIM, such as regular full synchronizations and the archival of the extensive run history, ensuring that data and solution integrity is never compromised for the lifecycle of the solution. Furthermore, MIM Event Broker can be configured to interrupt standard "delta" processing activity to respond to rule changes with the full synchronizations on each management agent (an example of an Exclusion Group) needed to re-establish a baseline for ongoing delta processing.

Works with Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) 2016

MIM Event Broker is 100% compatible with Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) 2016.

Works with Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) 2010 and 2010 R2

MIM Event Broker is 100% compatible with Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) 2010 and 2010 R2.

Works with Identity Lifecycle Manager (ILM)

MIM Event Broker is 100% compatible with Identity Lifecycle Manager (ILM) 2007.

Online documentation

The MIM Event Broker documentation is available online to everyone and contains detailed instructions for installing, configuring and maintaining an MIM Event Broker driven solution.

Alternatively, view the FIM Event Broker v3.1 launch webinar.